Please read thoroughly and share with the entire wedding planning group & family as it contains important information and can easily answer many questions you may have.


Should we allow for flexibility in our planning?

Yes, absolutely! We are in unchartered territory during this pandemic and want everyone to be safe. Things that may change in the future are food service allowances, guest seating, social distancing, mask wearing, enhanced disinfecting, total group size limits, etc. We are poised to ensure everything required by law and recommended by the local health authorities is upheld. If dates need to be changed, we will work with you to secure a different date at a mutually agreeable time. Deposits are not refundable but we will move them forward to future months as much as possible.


Will I need a day-of-event organizer?

You should plan on having someone with wedding ceremony experience (not in the wedding party itself) to help with the timing of the events, like an MC or wedding coordinator, in case of emergencies and to help with all the details. We suggest that person be aware of all vendors, family dynamics and have a time table of events. Warm Springs Inn provides a full-time event coordinator for the venue and all related food & property issues. Please plan on spending up to six hours with them (via phone, internet, face-to-face meetings) during the planning process. 


How do I reserve my wedding date at Warm Springs Inn?

In order to reserve a date, a signed contract along with a 25% deposit of the estimated venue fee is needed. Dates are not guaranteed without a signed contract and deposit. 

When are payments for the venue, catering, and beverages due?

25% of the venue fee is due to reserve a date, with the remaining balance plus a fully refundable damage deposit is to be paid 60 days prior to the event. Food and beverage payment is due 30 days prior to the event when all menus should be finalized and beverage orders placed. A variety of payment arrangements can be made. Preferred payment is by personal check. All credit card payments will have a 3% processing fee included. 

Can wedding guests who are not staying at the Inn use the house?

Inside access is reserved for those staying overnight, the wedding party, and immediate family members only. This includes people who arrive early for photographs or pre-ceremony set-up. Children are not allowed to be in the house unaccompanied at all times. If the entire Inn has not been reserved overnight, only outdoor facilities are available to use. Only pre-arranged overnight guests can stay overnight. 

What are the restroom facilities?

Guests who will be staying at the Inn have exclusive use of the Inn and are welcome to use the bathrooms in their rooms. Warm Springs Inn offers newly-built cottage bathrooms with amenities and baby changing table, with wheelchair ramp for the remainder of the guests throughout the entire weekend, including the Rehearsal day. 

What time is check out on Sunday?

From the guest rooms, by 11 a.m. Because clean-up of decorations can be a bit longer, pick-up of larger items can be arranged for later in the day as long as they are safely stored. Warm Springs Inn is not responsible for loss or damage to any items left outdoors.

Is smoking allowed on Warm Springs Inn property?

Smoking of tobacco products only is allowed in designated areas more than 25 feet away from buildings. All used cigarettes must be deposited in safe, fireproof containers.

Where will our guests park their cars?

There is a mowed grass field on the property which has ample free parking for up to 125 cars. Warm Springs Inn may provide a parking attendant to help guide guests upon arrival and keep cars back away from picture taking areas. We can arrange for handicap parking and drop-off areas near the Inn.

If our bridal party is staying at the Inn, what time does the party need to end?

You are welcome to gather in the common areas of the Inn until midnight when “quiet hours” apply as a courtesy to tired guests and staff.

Who can use the hot tub?

For safety and insurance reasons, only guests who are staying overnight at the Inn can use the hot tub 10 a.m.-10 pm. Please no food or beverages in glass containers. The hot tub is closed after the wedding reception and we reserve the right to close it at any time in the event of excessive alcohol use or unsafe behavior. Bathing suits are required.

Can guests camp at Warm Springs Inn on the lawn or in the nearby field?

Camping (RV or tent) is not allowed; however, we are happy to recommended several great nearby camping areas.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed for the ceremony, but they must be crated or leashed before and after the ceremony. Pets (except for certified service animals) are not allowed in guest rooms or common areas of the Inn at any time. Clean-up and removal of all pet waste is the responsibility of the bridal party. Extra cleaning fees may apply.


When is the best time to schedule delivery for the cake?

Your wedding dessert bakery should deliver and set-up the wedding cake shortly before the wedding, as refrigeration and indoor storage for cakes or cupcakes is not available. 

Is outside food allowed to be brought in by the bridal party?

Warm Springs Inn can offer snack and lunch options, champagne or mimosas for your bridal party while getting ready. We highly recommend providing an easy lunch for the bridal party with all food served outside on decks or in the Riverfront dining room. Whoever supplies the food should clean up after eating or a fee may be charged. 

Can we bring our own beverages?

The WA State Liquor Control Board requires that all alcoholic beverages be provided by Warm Springs Inn. We also supply licensed bartenders throughout your event. Many options & price ranges for beer, wine 3 and spirits as well as non-alcoholic drinks are available. We reserve the right to charge a corkage fee for outside alcohol brought in without permission. Also, we have discovered that kegs can be finicky and time consuming, creating long lines at the bar. Small pony kegs may be considered but usually beer will be provided by the bottle or can. 

Some of our guests have dietary restrictions. Are we able to provide them with options?

Warm Springs Inn is happy to provide breakfast food for overnight guests who have dietary restrictions or allergies. Prior to the wedding weekend, you will have an opportunity to select your breakfast menu.

Is hard alcohol allowed?

Yes, with the addition of a second bartender. We encourage a couple’s specialty cocktail during the reception and a full bar option is available including mixers, garnishes and set-up. Mimosa & Bloody Mary bars are fun for daytime or brunch weddings. We cannot provide no-host (cash) bar service.


What happens in case of rain, cold or wind?

We suggest you contact a rental company to reserve tents in case of inclement weather. Some rental companies will “hold” tents for you so you can decide at the last minute. Sometimes outdoor heaters are a nice addition in spring and fall. Large tents can come with side, lights and heater options.

What time does music need to end?

As required by Chelan County’s noise ordinance, all outdoor music needs to end at 10pm.

What do the chairs for the ceremony and reception look like?

Ceremony chairs are white, sturdy resin. Reception chairs are white heavy duty plastic and metal folding chairs. You can view photos of the chairs on our Facebook page. Ceremony and Reception chairs are stored in the vicinity of where they are used on the property and are not interchangeable.

Do children attending our wedding need to be added to our guest count?

If the child will be sitting in their own seat, yes. Babies sitting in their parents’ laps are not. If many children are attending, we suggest creating a children’s buffet with kid-friendly food and perhaps dine earlier than parents. Children need to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times and are not to roam the grounds unattended or be inside the Inn unless staying overnight. Yard games and coloring or art tables are encouraged.

Is it OK to throw “confetti”?

Sure, just make sure it’s biodegradable as we don’t want to litter our environment. Some great alternatives may include things such as extra flower petals from your florist or birdseed.

Are mosquitoes and bugs a problem?

Rarely, but we are in nature along a river and orchard. Outdoor weddings have the occasional bee, bug and mosquito. An assortment of bug sprays, lotions and sunscreen is provided in the cottage bathrooms.


When can we start decorating?

You can start decorating the moment you arrive. Dinner tables will have linens on them about 2-3 hours prior to the start of the ceremony (weather permitting) to ensure they remain clean and free of tree debris for the reception. Decorations can be put on tables at that time.

May we arrange our flowers & assemble décor at the Inn?

We highly recommend that all floral arrangements, centerpieces, and other décor items be brought completed and ready to place. If an assembly area is needed, an outdoor table can be set up near the Inn to work on decorations. The bridal party should bring all necessary supplies (tape, scissors, ladders, etc.) and lots of large garbage bags for packing and décor trash which needs to be removed from the Inn after set-up. Refrigeration is provided for the bouquet and boutonnieres. Décor or rental items are to be stored outside on the front decks or gazebo. Garbage left behind from decorating will incur an additional $100 fee. 

Will Warm Springs Inn take care of decorating and centerpieces?

Our staff is responsible for setting up all tables, chairs, buffet, & table linens, china, glassware and silver. All additional specialty decorating needs to be done by the bridal party, friends or family. Please bring items ready to put on display. Candles are allowed if they are completely enclosed in holders such as hurricane vases or glass jars. They tend to blow out frequently, so battery ones are great and add a twinkle to the table after dark. Bringing extra lighters is helpful.

How about outdoor fires, fireworks and sparklers?

Once a burn ban has been declared in the county (usually by June 1st) there cannot be outdoor burning with the exception of heaters and propane BBQ’s. Chinese Lanterns, tiki torches, candles not fully enclosed, fire pits and fireworks cannot be used. Sparklers are OK if you have a receptacle with sand or water nearby as people partying especially children tend to burn one another. We are not liable for any injury caused by sparklers, so discourage their use.

* The above list is subject to change without notice